Kim I. Walter is a young designer based in London
and founder of Isaak W.

'I trust words sometimes have to be simple so that the message is well presumed and other times I just love to jump the gun awake. I am a person of extremes and mixed states of consciousness so nothing really gets boring in my totality. Over the years I realised how humanity can go through fire without a torn embroidery after all which can be a description of my sense of what means simple beauty. I have associated myself to a kaleidoscope as movement and change stimulate my mind in a particular mode.

I have moved to England 5 years ago to become understood in a society where people analyse art constructively and to widen my knowledge about art academically. I have attended Hurtwood House and Central Saint Martins and I have found the right matrix that I have craved for. Where things happen on the streets, where passing by individuals become an inspiration, walking into galleries turns into a routine and surrounding factors grow to be concepts of my work.
The desire to enter the industry determined me to invest time in mural painting, stained glass painting of orthodox icons, life drawing classes directed by famous Romanian Painter Nicolae Alexi and that I think, left me with this incredible passion for cultures and religions of all kinds.
I have designed three very different collection from the age of 13 to 17, fact that created me the opportunity to experience and work alongside with various designers in their own workshops.
Isaak W's first project was based on the Arabian Sea, the Colombian Psychotria elata flower, God Bacchus and the Esperados language meet simultaneously. A collision of cultures into one unknown amazonian story of femininity and desire to create a place that has no chronology and life yet. The pieces portray the relationship between vegetation and women as a sense of camouflage and the beginning of being one with nature again, by using textural details, gently structured patterns that are reinterpreted and found into anything that has been created by The Devine. An extremely spicy and strong flavoured Oriental influence gushed all over.

The love for fashion I think comes from the love for people that possess the gift to express so much through physical features and distinctive personalities. I couldn�t spot any other commodity that can connect a person to another better than that so there I am, attaching.'